Old Dalby Day

Old Dalby Day Important News

It is with deep sorrow and regret that I have to announce that the Old Dalby Day charity is to be dissolved. The event had grown, over decades, from a small village get-together to a monster of a day involving car show, dog show, horticultural show, stalls, rides and entertainment. This, along with the ever increasing traffic and safety measures required, meant the organisation required a substantial group of people to plan from early in the year. Unfortunately too few people attended the initial 2019 planning meeting to even form a committee. An appeal and subsequent public meeting attracted a similar number and so the 2019 event had to be suspended. A resident wide survey conveyed mixed feelings about the event. There was no shortage of “on the day” volunteers but only a tiny amount of residents indicated they might commit to help planning throughout the year. With so many residents already heavily involved with church, village hall, cricket, scouts and school during the event, or retired, or simple so busy with work it is understandable.

Early in 2020 the planned initial meeting was put off at the onset of corona virus and the subsequent lockdown. Since then inquiries about the event have all but dried up. There is no way to be sure but it seems more than just possible that social gatherings of this size are unlikely to begin again in the near future.

Recently previous organisers and interested parties were, along with residents, invited to attend a zoom meeting to discuss the issue. It seems that the future of the event may, understandably, have been seen as a foregone conclusion as, again, less than 10 people attended. In fact a book had already been written about Old Dalby Day.  The trustees have, therefore, decided to wrap up the charity.

The assets presently in storage will be offered for sale with local organisations given first chance. The revenue resulting will be added to the existing funds and, as was always the tradition, allocated by the trustees as grants to local organisations. The funds presently held were enough to put on another Old Dalby Day even if no one attended. Applications for a grant can be submitted in writing to olddalbyday@yahoo.co.uk. The deadline is 28th of February 2021 and allocations will be made shortly thereafter. Some assets in storage will be offered for sale at reduced price, priority will initially be given to local organisations. A full list can be found below.

Although this is, to some, bitterly disappointing news there is still plenty of hope for the future. The village hall, church, scouts, school, cricket club and others will, do doubt, put their not inconsiderable organisational skills into operation once again as soon as this horrible virus allows. As one attendee at the last meeting suggested there may well be an “Old Dalby Weekend”, designed entirely for residents, with events planned and coordinated between the groups. I certainly hope so. And I hope younger residents will get involved.

In the meantime the trustees would like to offer heartfelt thanks and pay tribute to the scores of people who have given so much of their valuable time and enormous talent to making all those Old Dalby Days so successful and memorable.

They should be proud.

R Hamer

Although the iconic day may be in the past we look forward to other events in the future at Old Dalby. 

In the meantime can I ask if any of you have photographs or memories of the event from over the years? If they send me copies I will, with your permission and attribution, post them on a website dedicated to remembering Old Dalby Day. They can be sent to olddalbyday@yahoo.com  .

The same address can be used by residents and organisations within the Old Dalby and Queensway area to apply for a grant from the Old Dalby Day charity but must reach the trustees in writing before February 29th 2021 for consideration. 

There is also a 140 plus page book by David Ayres about Old Dalby Day. Compiled by Joan Reville, “What a Marvellous Day” is a fascinating, light-hearted and fond recollection of the event, its anecdotes and history. There MIGHT be copies available and I will check as soon as possible. You can register an interest by emailing to the above address. 

Car parking £5 per car
11am, Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August 2018
Proceeds to Local Charities
Regardless of weather, the day will go ahead!

Events & Forms

The Classic & Vintage Vehicle Show

We usually have between 100 and 130 vehicles attending the show. Due to the size of the site we are unlikely to be able to accept any entries on the day of the show.

Vehicles previously entered have included vintage and classic cars, motorcycles, tractors, tricycles and prams.

Only vehicles registered prior to 1990 are eligible but “Interesting Vehicles” registered after 1990 may be accepted at the organisers discretion.

Download the Vehicle Entry Form

Classic Vehicle Show

The Hill Race

The Hill Race has been suspended. We hope to reintroduce it in the future but would require volunteers to organise this aspect of the event. If this is something you might like to undertake, please get in touch.

Craft Stalls and Street Market

If you want to have your own stall, book early as places are limited - Our stall holders book year after year and tell us we're their favourite venue! Please download the Stall Holders Form - note there are some delays in processing forms - please bear with us, you will get a reply.

Download the Craft Stalls Entry Form

Craft Stalls and Street Market image 1
Craft Stalls and Street Market image 2
Craft Stalls and Street Market image 3

The Horticultural Show

Whether it's biscuits, buns, cakes, flowers or veg, the Old Dalby Day Horticultural Show and Awards has been a favourite for over 25 years. Anyone can enter! Or just come and see us at the School site. Lots to do for kids too!

Download the Horticultural Entry Form and Schedule

Download a free carrot cake recipe
The Horticultural Show is sponsored by David Greaves Landscape Design.
Craft Stalls and Street Market image 1
Craft Stalls and Street Market image 3
Craft Stalls and Street Market image 2

The Dog Show

To enter the dog show, please fill out the form below and send it to sblain@olddalbyday.org.uk

The Dog show entry form

For a full list of the events, please view the about page