Old Dalby Day




Old Dalby Day makes awards to the benefit of various groups, organisations and other charities in the Old Dalby Area. In 2019 over £4,000 was awarded to groups including;

The Drop-In Centre towards a coach trip for its seniors,

K Hateley supporting the maintenance of the Queensway Defribulator,

St John’s church towards Architects’ fees for new toilet facilities,

K Barrett and helpers at Queensway for senior luncheons,

The Scouts towards  building refurbishments,

Ruth Hickton helping support a Kenyan student learning trip and

Old Dalby Cricket Club for extension of netting.

An amount was also allocated to an ongoing Old Dalby traffic safety fund.


Senior luncheon at Queensway. 



In 2017 an amount was granted for the replacement of the fence to the front of the Village Hall……



The fridge at the Cricket Club sponsored by Old Dalby Day.